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Boots of 2006

Total new boots for my collection in 2006: 9 pairs.

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Wesco BootsBlack Wesco Harness Boots   I bought this pair of 19" Custom Black Wesco Harness Boots from Stompers Boots of San Francisco to replace a pair like them that no longer fit. These boots were great for riding on my Harley, and for general stompin' around. Unfortunately, I had to sell them in 2012 because I could not wear them any more.

HD Police Enforcer BootsH-D Police Enforcer Boots   These Boots were a gift from a member of my HOG Chapter who works at a local Harley shop and thought I would enjoy them. Sure do! The Harley-Davidson Police Enforcer Boots are 18" tall and have the bal-laced instep like Dehners. They are very comfortable, light on my feet, don't get hot, and have become my most favorite Boots for BLUF (breeches, leather, uniform fetish) wear.

Mezcalero Brown Teju Lizard BootsMezcalero Teju Lizard Boots   I got these Mezcalero Cowboy Boots while on a business trip to Chicago. They are made in Leon, Mexico. They run large, so I had to buy them a whole size smaller than I usually wear (10D). They have a very classic, dressy appeance and go well with clothes I wear for work. They are very comfortable.

Milwaukee Trooper BootsMilwaukee Motor Clothing Trooper Boots   I got Milwaukee Motor Clothing Trooper Boots because they looked interesting in the JC Whitney Catalog, and were inexpensive. Lots of guys in my HOG Chapter wear shorter boots like these when they ride, so I thought I would try them out. The Boots are 8" tall, fully lined, and have a replaceable insole. The neat feature of these Boots is that while they lace up, they also have zippers on the right and the left of the tongue, which makes them easy to put on and take off.

Wesco Brown Harness BootsBrown Wesco Harness Boots   I got this pair of 19" Custom Brown Wesco Harness Boots from Stompers Boots of San Francisco on a great deal, and because I wanted something different and classy. I think these boots are both. They are great for riding on the Harley as well as stompin' around. They have soft leather and while they are typically heavy (as Wescos are), they bend easier in the foot. Because the leather is softer than black Wescos, it seems to breathe better, and thus the Boots do not get as hot on the feet as the black ones, so these have become my favorite Wesco Harness Boots (to date).

Black Cobra Cowboy BootsVillano Black Cobra Dress Boots   I got these Black Cobra cowboy boots on a boot shopping spree while on a business trip to San Diego. These Boots are made in Leon, Mexico. They run a little wide, so I bought them a half-size smaller than I usually wear (10D). These look really good with dress clothes, or even a suit when I have to dress up on occassion. They are a classic, dressy Boot, and I wear them to work often.

Buttercup Caiman Alligator Boots Rudel Caiman Alligator Boots   I got these Caiman Alligator (print) Cowboy Boots on a boot shopping spree while on a business trip to San Diego. These Boots are made in Leon, Mexico. They run a little wide, so I bought them a half-size smaller than I usually wear (10D). They look good and sound particulary good on wood floors. Go great with jeans and casual wear.

Sendra Texan Cowboy BootsSendra Classic Texan Cowboy Boots   I bought these Sendra Cowboy Boots from Stompers Boots of San Francisco. I had heard a lot about Sendras but never had a pair, so I took advantage of a sale offered by Stompers and bought these as a Christmas present to myself.

Note: These Sendras never fit well and I sold them in 2013.

Tapped Dehner BootsTapped Bal-Laced Dehner Motorcop Boots   I have had these 19" Custom Bal-laced Dehner Motorcop Boots for several years. What's new in 2006 was having taps added to them at the front and on the heel. The taps make a very distinctive sound and have attracted a lot of attention when I've worn them out -- but admittedly, only on a few occasions to leather bars in the DC area. I'm afraid if I wear them while riding my Harley, the Boots might slip out from under me because the taps are slick, or I might cause a shower of sparks. Who knows. But they sure are hot looking and sounding taps for these classic boots! Thanks to a participant on HotBoots/Boots On Line for supplying and applying the taps for me on these boots. I sure appreciate it and am enjoying the boots.

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