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Boots of 2007

Total new boots for my collection in 2007: 13 pairs

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HD Police Enforcer BootsH-D Police Enforcer Boots   I got this second pair of these really great cop boots free by helping my Harley dealer with end-of-year inventory. They are 17" tall, and are super-comfy. This is a size 10.5D, which has a larger calf size to accommodate leather tucked into them.

Lucchese 1883 Cowboy BootsLucchese Dark tan 1883 Cowboy Boots   I got these boots for Christmas as a gift from my partner. He won them on an eBay auction in December. They are very soft and comfortable. They have a snipped tow and an all-leather sole. The boots have a very fancy stitching pattern on the shaft and foot.

Champion Attitude Cavalry BootsChampion Attitude Civil War Cavalry Boots   I got these boots from Champion Attitude on a great close-out promotion in December, 2007. These gorgeous black beauties are 21" tall in the front, and 18" tall in the back, have a french round toe, leather insole and outsole, and a 2" cuban heel with spur ridge. They go great with equestrian breeches. They take a great shine, so I may wear them to work with pants over them, so I can feel the tall boot shaft on my legs all day. However, due to the all-leather sole, I will only wear them on dry days, so I don't slip and fall.

Lucchese Ostrich Cowboy BootsLucchese Ostrich Cowboy Boots   I got these boots while looking for Lucchese Boots on-line. New Luccheses are so expensive, I decided to check out eBay. I won these in an auction in November, 2007. These black cherry boots are 13" tall, have a narrow toe, and the foot is made of full quill ostrich.

Dan Post Ostrich Leg Cowboy BootsDan Post Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots   I got these boots as a gift from my partner to wear with a suit during an election campaign in November, 2007. These black beauties are 13" tall, have a J-toe, and the foot is made of ostrich leg.

Chippewa Firefighter BootsChippewa Firefighter Boots   I got these boots from Stompers while visiting San Francisco in October, 2007. The boots are 8" high, are leather lined, have a steel toe, and a thick Vibram® sole. They are very comfortable.

Steel Lace-Up BootsSteel 20-hole Lace-Up Boots   These boots were a great internet find in September, 2007. They are made in Slovakia. They are burgundy in color and feel comfortable, though they squeek a lot. They have a very thick rubber sole that is screwed on, and take forever to lace up. 2015 update: I discarded these boots in January 2015. They sqeaked like crazy and I never wore them. They were a waste of money.

Nocona Rattlesnake Cowboy BootsNocona Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots   I got this pair of Nocona Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots in July, 2007, while visiting Oklahoma. My cousin who runs a western store said that "guys don't wear these around here" and gave me a good deal on them. They are 13" tall, and are very well built. They make a great heel clunk sound, too.

Ariat Motorcycle Cowboy BootsAriat Motorcycle Cowboy Boots   I got this pair of boots while visiting family in McAlester, Oklahoma, during July, 2007. They are made of very soft leather and have a rubber sole, so they're good for use on the motorcycle as well as street wear.

Dan Post Black Cherry Cowboy BootsDan Post Black Cherry Dress Cowboy Boots   I got these Dan Post Black Cherry Cowboy Boots from Sheplers in May, 2007, because I needed a good looking and comfortable pair of dress cowboy boots for work. They're fairly standard and inexpensive, but nice looking.

Sendra Fuscia Cowboy BootsSendra Fuscia Cowboy Boots   These boots were a gift from two very dear friends who visited Spain. The boots are 12" tall and have a rich, glossy, black cherry finish. They also sound great when I walk in them. [Update: I sold these Boots I November, 2012, as they never fit right.]

Intapol Police BootsIntapol Motorcycle Police Boots   I got these Boots in April, 2007, when I was looking for a pair of boots with a built-in zipper on the shaft for my partner. I liked them so much, I got a pair for myself. They are very comfortable.

Station BootsThorogood Station Boots   I got these boots in February, 2007, as a gift while working on the HotBoots tutorial. They are comfortable, and have the unique feature of having a zipper instead of laces, so they go on and come off very easily.

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