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Boots of 2008

Total new boots for my collection in 2018: 16 pairs.

Page updated: December 18, 2008.

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Dan Post Brown Ostrich Leg BootsDan Post Brown Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots    I got this pair of these really great cowboy boots after getting a pair like them in black last year. They fit very comfortably and look very good with dressier clothes that I wear to work.

Wesco Motor Patrol BootsWesco Motor Patrol Boots   I ordered these boots through Stompers Boots in late fall, 2007, and they arrived in January, 2008, just in time for Mid-Atlantic Leather. They are 19" tall. These are custom boots, made to my size. The foot looks like a Wesco Boss (because I wanted a Vibram 100R sole) but the style, with no strap, is that of a Motor Patrol boot. (Note: these boots were sold in 2019.)

Chippewa Engineer BootsChippewa Oil-Tanned Engineer Boots   I got these boots in March on a barter arrangement with a buddy. I did some work for him, and he gave me the boots. I have an older pair of these boots, which are just great for all-around biker wear. They are 17" tall, unlined, and feel great on my legs.

Dan Post Vegas Cut Cowboy BootsDan Post Vegas Cut Brown Cowboy Boots   I picked up these boots on a "buy one get two pairs free" deal while on a business trip in Nashville. Cost-wise, the deal was decent but not outstanding. I like these boots because of the "Vegas Cut" style (looks like a wingtip). They are very comfortable and look good with clothes that I wear to work.

Nocona Bullhide Cowboy BootsNocona Bullhide Cowboy Boots   I got a great deal and took advatage of a gift certificate to buy these "just kickin-around" bullhide cowboy boots. They have a deep-dip scallop which is an interesting feature. The boots feel good, are comfortable, and go well with jeans.

Nocona Ostrich Inlay BootsNocona Ostrich Inlay Cowboy Boots   I have had my eye on these boots for a long time. They finally went on sale and I applied a gift certificate, so I ordered them from Sheplers. These boots have an ostrich inlay on the foot and the boot pulls. The rest of the boot is soft leather. They are very comfortable, and make an excellent "cowboy boot clunk" when walking in them.

Dan Post Vegas Cut Cowboy BootsDan Post Vegas Cut Black Cheery Cowboy Boots   I liked my brown version of these boots so much, due to their style and comfort, that I applied a 20% discount certificate from Boot Barn to get these. They're just great boots!

Wesco Harness BootsWesco "Bama-ized" Harness Boots   "Bamaboy" (of BOL fame) offered me first-dibs to buy a pair of his boots that he wanted to sell. So I bought 'em! They are 18" tall, well-worn, leather-lined Wesco Harness Boots. They show lots of "character."

Dan Post Vegas Cut BootsDan Post Sand Vegas Cut Cowboy Boots   Once again, I couldn't resist a sale to buy a pair of boots that really interest me in the design and exceptional comfort. This year has become the "Dan Post Vegas Cut" cowboy boot year!

Olathe Buckaroo Cowboy BootsOlathe Buckaroo Cowboy Boots    I bough this pair of these genuine Olathe Buckaroo Cowboy boots while visiting Kansas City, Missouri, in July. These boots are really cool. They are 18" tall, have a 2" heel, and fit snugly on my legs. (These boots were sold in 2016 because I never wore them.)

Boulet Harness BootsBoulet Harness Cowboy/Biker Boots    I got this pair of Boulet harness boots in early September from a friend who lives in Ottawa, Canada. These are traditional harness boots that have a rubber sole, so they are good for use when I ride my Harley.

Harley Harness BootsHarley Lug-soled Harness Boots    I got this pair of Harley lug-soled harness boots from my partner as a gift. He caught a great sale. These boots are 12" tall and have a Vibram® lug sole. They also have a Harley logo on each boot shaft. (I discarded these boots in 2020. They didn't fit and were not worth trying to sell.)

Frye Harnes BootsMedium Brown Frye Harness Boots    I got a steal on eBay for this pair of 14" vintage Frye Harness boots. The previous owner cared for them well. They look great, and after a little calf stretching, they fit well, too.

Black Vegas Cut Cowboy BootsBlack Dan Post Ostrich Toe Vegas-Cut Cowboy Boots    I received these boots as a gift from a friend who once owned and operated a western store. These boots were discontinued by Dan Post in 2007, but my friend found them in his old store. They have a smooth quill ostrich toe with a "Vegas Cut" overlay. Man, they're very dressy boots!

Chippewa Hi-Shine BootsChippewa Hi-Shine Vibram® Lug-Soled Boots    I saw a cop wearing Chip Hi-Shines with thick Vibram lug soles in May, and really liked the style of the boots with those soles. Knowing that my favorite boot store, Stompers Boots of San Francisco that really needs business to stay afloat, I ordered a pair of these boots. Mike, the Owner of Stompers and a good friend, arranged to have the soles applied for me. These boots look friggin' fantastic, and feel great, too! (Boots discarded in September 2020).

Stock Dress Instep Dehner BootsStock Dress Instep Dehner Boots    I go on motorcycle rides with a member of a local police department who was a senior motor officer, but got promoted to Detective. He went from wearing a cop uniform and tall boots to a suit and dress shoes (yuck!). He considers boots to be part of a uniform he will no longer wear. He gave me all of his boots to sell on eBay, and let me keep one pair for my "seller's fee." These were the pair I selected -- only a few months old! Aren't they nice?

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