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Boots of 2009

Total new boots for my collection in 2009: 14 pairs.

Page updated: November 25, 2009.
Four pairs of boots were deleted from my collection for various reasons during 2009.

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Hispar Harness BootsHispar Harness Patrol Boots    I bought these Boots I November, 2009, via a Yahoo store. They were marketed as "harness patrol boots" but I knew from past experience and the price, that these were cheap boots made in Pakistan. However, I like tall harness boots, and the price was right, so I bought them.

Olathe Brown/Blue Buckaroo BootsOlathe Brown - Navy Blue Buckaroo Boots    I bought these Boots I November, 2009, when someone told me about them and I found that they were still available, but had been discontinued by the maker. These boots are 17" tall, have square toes, 1-3/4" walking heel, all-leather soles, and have two-tone brown feet with navy blue shafts. They fit great and look wonderful. (These boots were sold in 2016 because I never wore them.)

Brown Equestrian BootsBrown Equestrian Boots    I bought these boots in October, 2009, from an eBay retailer (and discarded them in 2017). The boots were marketed as "brown patrol boots" but really are equestrian boots. Unfortunately, I found out only after receiving them that they are made in Pakistan. The quality is rather poor. They look nice, but even after wearing them for just a few hours, I can tell that they're cheap.

Wesco Combat BootsWesco Combat Boots    I bought these boots in late September, 2009, from Stompers Boots when they decided to offer them on a great close-out sale price. The boots are a variant of Wesco Jobmasters, but have a traditional masculine combat boot appearance. They have 14 eyelets and are 12" tall with a Vibram 100 lug sole.

Guide Gear Engineer BootsGuide Gear Engineer Boots    I bought these boots for only $20 since they were surplussed. Generally, I avoid boots with labels from companies that are not quality boot manufacturers and that are made in China, but what the heck? They cost so little, I thought I would try them out.

Dan Post Dress Cowboy BootsDan Post Black Dress Cowboy Boots    I bought these boots to use up an old gift certificate when I was attending a conference in Nashville and required a pair of dressy boots. They are comfortable and look great with dress clothes, a suit, or even leather!

Stock Bal-Laced Dehner BootsStock Bal-Laced Dehner Boots    I got these boots as a promotion for arranging for a USA motorcycle police force to purchase 20 pairs of these boots. I discarded them in April, 2017, when the right shaft was cracking and they no longer fit me.

Kenneth Cole BootsKenneth Cole n-Different Boots    My brother gave me a gift certificate to try to get me to buy a pair of dress shoes to wear when I have to dress up. I just couldn't do that, so I bought a pair of dress boots. They looked nice, but were so uncomfortable, I gave them to charity.

Tony Lama Cowboy BootsTony Lama Red Brown Cowboy Boots    I bought this pair of boots in early May, 2009, while in Kansas City, Missouri, on a business trip. These boots are 13" tall, have a unique color, and a higher than usual heel at 2-1/2". It took a while to break them in, but they have become quite comfortable. (I sold these boots in 2020 to a friend who asked to buy them.)

Boulet Shooter BootsBoulet Shooter Boots    I bought this pair of Boulet Shooter Boots in early May, 2009, while in Kansas City, Missouri, on a business trip. These boots are 18" tall, have a stovepipe shaft, and a 1-1/2" heel. They are very comfortable.

Tan Ostrich Cowboy BootsLucchese 1883 Tan Ostrich Cowboy Boots   I ordered these boots in April, 2009, since I always wanted a pair of full-quill cowboy boots in tan. They're just regular cowboy boots, nothing special. They are very comfortable boots, as Lucchese boots are known to be.

Chippewa Non-Steel Toe Engineer BootsChippewa non-steel toe Engineer Boots   I received this pair of boots in late March, 2009. Mike of Stompers Boots convinced me to try a pair of traditional tall engineer boots without a steel toe, because they're lighter on the feet. I agree. They are very comfortable, all-around hard-workin' biker boots. Thanks for the recommendation, Mike!

All American Patrol BootsAll American Blue Knight Patrol Boots    I received this pair of All American Patrol Boots in February, 2009, after ordering them in September, 2008. While it took forever to get them, they have turned out to be great boots! They were custom made to my specs, 19" tall and 16.75" calf circumference. They have a Vibram 100R lug sole. The boots are very comfortable, though they are made of stiff leather. I really like them!

Wesco Motor Patrol BootsWesco Motor Patrol Boots   I received these boots in late February, 2009, after ordering them through Stompers in October, 2008. The boots are custom sized to fit me. They feature Black Tie, shineable leather, and while they are leather lined, the leather is not as thick as other Wesco boots that I own, and thus are not as likely to get hot. They are 19" tall and have Vibram 100R lug soles.

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