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Boots of 2012

Total new boots for my collection in 2012: 24 pairs.

Page updated: December 31, 2012

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Chippewa Firefighter Boots2012 Chippewa Firefighter Boots (Model 20242)    I received these boots as a gift from the guys in my local fire house. These boots are substantially the same as my other Chippewa Firefighter Boots except these boots have a smooth nitrile vibram sole, while the others have a Vibram 100 lug sole. Very comfortable boots!

Lucchese Python Cowboy BootsLucchese Python Cowboy Boots    I received these high-quality, great-looking, very comfortable boots from a senior pal. The boots are stunning in their design and quality.

Chippewa Ostrich Engineer BootsChippewa Ostrich Engineer Boots    I bought these Boots I November, 2012, on a random Black Friday hot deal; got 'em for half of their usual cost. These boots are 11 inches high and have a full quill ostrich foot. These boots are quite different from ordinary engineers!

Chippewa Hiking BootsChippewa Hiking Boots    I bought these Boots I November, 2012, to wear when I do the exercise I enjoy most: walking. These are comfortable, high-tech boots that will provide support and prevent tenderness from plantar fasciitis.

Black Jack Python BootsBlack Jack Blue/Ivory Cowboy Boots    I bought these boots in July, 2012, and received them after they were made to my specs for heel and toe in September. I found an on-line coupon reducing the price by 15%, so I couldn't resist ordering these classy, great-looking cowboy boots that a friend recommended to me a few years ago. They are great boots and have received many compliments when I have worn them about town or to the office with dress clothes.

Dehner Bal-laced Patrol BootsDehner Bal-Laced Patrol Boots    I received these boots in October to try out the Dehner Boot Company's claim that the new material used to make the shafts of stock patrol boots is more resistant to cracking, breaking, and damage from exposure to heat from a hot motorcycle engine or exhaust pipes. Nothin' like new Dehners....

Runnerbull Engineer BootsRunnerbull Engineer Boots    These boots are made in Italy with fine Italian leather. They are soft and good-looking; built well and have a lug sole for excellent traction. I received these boots in October, 2012, through a deal with the owner of the company that makes them, Runnerbull Boots.

Whites Nomad BootsWhites Nomad Engineer Boots    I bought these boots via Baker's Shoes in Eugene, Oregon. These engineer-style motorcycle boots are a new line of boots made by White's, known for making rugged logger lace-up boots. Superbly constructed, but darn heavy! It will take time to get used to them.

Double H Western Work BootsDouble H Western Work Boots    I bought these boots on a great sale to complement the "dual-use" boots in my collection. They have a Vibram® 430 minilug sole, suitable for wearing when I ride my Harley, and a good-looking plain cowboy boot style.

Stacy Adams Madison BootsStacy Adams Dress Boots    I bought these boots when trying to find a pair of boots that looked sort of like dress shoes. They are light as a feather, but the smooth leather soles take a lot of getting used to. [Update: these boots squeaked like crazy. I gave them away in August, 2013.]

Boulet Dark Brown Harness BootsBoulet Dark Brown Harness Boots    I received these boots as a gift for my birthday in August, 2012. Given to me by a senior pal who didn't know that I had so many pairs of boots. He said, "I see you in those boots all the time, I thought you might like these." LOL! Of course! Great boots, very comfortable.

Justin Melo Veal Roper BootsJustin Melo Veal Roper Boots    I bought these boots on sale in August, 2012. What I like about these ropers is that they are taller than usual at 12 inches, and have a foot made of a material (melo veal) that takes a great shine. These boots can easily be worn with dress clothes to work or dress-up occasions, such as a wedding. Very comfortable, USA-made boots!

Justin Deer Cow BootsJustin Cheap Cowboy Boots   My partner bought these boots for me, believing what he read on Amazon that the boots came with an orthotic insert. They do not. They were cheap. Comfortable enough, but not made of all leather and were made in China. Unfortunate proof that Justin Boots are not all made in the USA. Buyer Beware!

Chippewa Firefighter Boots2012 Chippewa Firefighter Boots    I bought these boots in July, 2012. I love these boots for their comfort and rugged-looking style, as well as their exceptional Vibram lug soles. I have worn boots like this while riding my Harley since 2007. I have almost worn out the earlier pair, so I snagged a new pair for a summer riding treat.

Chippewa Logger BootsChippewa Logger Boots    I bought these boots in July, 2012, on sale. These are rugged, waterproof, insultated boots that are great in mucky, snowy, and muddy conditions. The sole is a Vibram Tacoma, which is sturdy but will not cake up with gunk. Solid, sturdy, manly boots that will keep my feet dry and warm even in the coldest weather.

Justin Tan Distressed Cowboy BootsJustin Tan Distressed Cowboy Boots    I bought these boots on May 1, and they were delivered on May 2 from the same vendor from which I bought the roper boots shown below. I got a great deal -- new boots for just US$49. Great price for plain ol' regular cowboy boots to wear when kickin' back and relaxing.

Justin Bay Apache Roper BootsJustin Bay Apache Roper Boots    I bought these boots on May 1, and they were delivered on May 2. They are just plain old kickin' around roper boots, to wear when I want a pair of casual, comfortable, lightweight boots. I got them on a great flash sale for just $59.

Legendary Custom Cowboy BootsLegendary custom cowboy boots    My partner got these boots for me as a gift. The boots were ordered from the Legendary Boot Company in March, 2012, and were delivered in April. These boots are 16 inches tall, have a 2.5 inch heel, and a black full quill ostrich foot with a square toe. These boots are super-comfortable, and well worth the cost.

Lucchese Tan Wingtip BootsLucchese Burnish Tan Wingtip Inlay handmade cowboy boots    I ordered these boots in March, 2012, on the same terrific sale as the boots shown just below. I got them for 1/4 the usual price. I like the intricate inlay on the foot and the shaft. Really cool, classy boots that go with jeans or a blazer!

Lucchese Midbrown French Goatskin BootsLucchese Classic Mid-brown Goatskin handmade cowboy boots with French toe    I ordered these boots in March, 2012, on a great sale at 1/3 the usual price. Yeah, I know these boots are almost identical to the pair shown just below -- but you can't have enough high-quality boots!

Lucchese Midbrown Goatskin BootsLucchese Classic Mid-brown Goatskin handmade cowboy boots    I ordered these boots in August, 2011, and received them in February, 2012. These boots have a higher heel than most Lucchese boots, and a narrow pointed toe. They were handmade for me and are very nice looking, to wear with dress clothes or jeans. (Sold these boots in May 2021).

Lucchese Black Roper BootsLucchese 2000 Black Roper Boots    I bought these boots in January, 2012, on sale. I have not owned roper boots before, but I like these lightweight, comfortable, dressy boots. They go well with clothes that I wear to work in my office.

Wesco 11 inch Boss BootsStock Wesco 11" Boss Boots    I bought these boots in January from a vendor that services the industry in which I work for about 30% less than what I would have paid for them elsewhere. These are traditional short (11") stock Wesco Boss engineer boots, with a standard Vibram® 100 lug sole. Great for use when riding my Harley.

Voyager Leather Dress Instep Dehner BootsVoyager Leather Dress Instep Dehner Boots    I bought these boots through Stompers Boots of San Francisco in November, 2011. They arrived in mid January, 2012. These boots are made of Voyager leather, which is a less expensive alternative to European calf leather, but more durable than Dehcord (plastic) shafts.

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