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Boots of 2014

Total new boots for my collection in 2014: 17 pairs.

Page updated: January 8, 2015 (retroactively to complete 2014's collection)

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Dan Post Black Python BootsDan Post Black Belly-Cut Python boots. I bought these boots on a great sale in December, 2014. Dan Post boots are comfortable, good-looking, and affordable. I have added these boots to my "wear to work" collection.

Lucchese Classic Black Patent Leather Roper BootsLucchese Classic Patent Leather Ropers. I received these boots from a friend who bought them to wear when he got married, then decided that the boots were "too flashy" and he would not wear them again. Since I never wore these boots, I found another home for these boots in 2018.

Chippewa Bay Apache Logger BootsChippewa Bay Apache logger boots. I bought these boots on sale before Christmas. These are great-looking, comfortable, classic and durable logger boots that I wear in very cold weather and when doing rough and muddy work on construction sites.

Lucchese Classic Calf BootsLucchese Classic Black calf/Grey goat cowboy boots. I bought these boots on a terrific close-out sale in November, 2014. These top-of-the-line Lucchese boots look great with dress clothes or casual wear. They are very comfortable. I had them made with a #12 (square) toe and a 1-1/2 inch cowboy heel.

Boulet Cutter BootsBoulet "Cutter" Western Boots. I bought these boots on sale in November. They are well-made, though have a hard insole. The boots look rugged and masculine. I wear them when knocking about the neighborhood.

To Boot Brennan BootsTo Boot Brennan dress boots. I received these boots as a gift in November 2014. They are supposed to be dress boots, but are the closest thing to a dress shoe I have worn. These things are okay, but aren't enough "boot" for me. They work with a suit on the occasional time I must wear one. (I discarded them in July 2020 during downsizing.)

Tony Lama Pecan CaimanCowboy BootsTony Lama Pecan Caiman Belly Cowboy Boots (Style TL-1000). I received these boots as a gift in October 2014. They are top-of-the-line Tony Lama Signature Series boots made of caiman alligator belly skin on the foot and hand-tooled leather on the shafts. They are strikingly beautiful boots. I wear them to work with dress clothes.

Chippewa Brown Pitstop Cowboy BootsChippewa Brown Square-Toe Cowboy Boots (Style 29324). I bought these boots on a "buy one pair/get one pair free" sale in late August 2014, but only got around to posting pictures in October. This is the style of boots that college students are wearing in 2014. They are very comfortable boots.

Dress Instep Dehner BootsStock Size 12D Dress Instep Dehner Boots. I bought these boots on deep discount offered by a friend who owned Stompers Boots just before he sold the business in July 2014. I got these big boys to grow into in my old age, since no deals will be forthcoming from Stompers any more.

Chippewa Black Pitstop Cowboy BootsChippewa Black Square-Toe Cowboy Boots (Style 29328). This is the style of boots that college students are wearing in 2014. I bought a pair of these boots at half-price on a "back-to-school" sale in late August, 2014. These are very comfortable boots. No wonder college students like them because they are very comfortable. They also look much more masculine than sneakers or dorky flip-flops.

Tony Lama Caiman Belly BootsTony Lama Signature Caiman Belly Boots (Style TL-1013). I received these boots as a gift from my husband in July, 2014. These boots are top-of-the-line, USA-made boots by Tony Lama. They are made of Caiman skin. They look great with dress clothes that I wear to the office as well as casually with denim jeans.

Chippewa Harness Bomber Jacket BoosChippewa Harness Bomber Jacket boots (Style 27914). I bought these boots in June, 2014. These boots combine the best parts of three styles of boots that I regularly wear. Cowboy boots with the snipped toe, motorcycle boots with the Vibram sole, and work boots with the roughout leather. Great boots for all sides of my boot style!

Chippewa Strapless Patrol BoosChippewa Strapless Patrol boots (Style 71419). I received these boots in April, 2014. These boots are a new style offered by Chippewa -- same hi-shine appearance as the long-time engineer boot style -- just without the strap and buckle on the instep. These boots will entice some cops who don't like traditional engineer boots to get them.

Lucchese Classic brown ropersLucchese Classic brown buffalo roper boots. I received these boots in February, 2014. They go great with dress clothing that I wear to work, and are comfortable. I received a good deal on their purchase.

Lucchese Classic black cherry ropersLucchese Classic black cherry smooth ostrich roper boots. I received these boots in January, 2014 as a gift from a senior pal after she passed away, as a thank-you for helping her out for a number of years. These are very dressy boots that go well with dress clothes that I wear in the office.

Stock Dehner Boots Vibram soleStock lug-soled Dehner patrol boots. I bought these Boots I November, 2013, and received them in mid-December, 2013, but did not have a chance to try them out until 2014. I bought them to test the quality of the revised synthetic material used to make stock Dehner boots as a favor to a cop. They are much improved! I sold these boots in August, 2022.

Lucchese Classic N1337 Eastern Rattlesnake BootsLucchese Classic L1337 Eastern Rattlesnake Cowboy Boots. I bought these boots in January, 2014, for half-off the usual price through negotiating with an overstock supplier who contacted me via email. They are very classy-looking and excellently made.

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