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2005 - 2021

In 2004, my (then) partner (who I married when we could do so legally) tripped over a pair of boots in the bedroom and exclaimed, "you don't even know how many pairs of boots you have, or whether you'll even wear them!"

I could not disagree. I thought it was time to take an inventory of my boots and develop an electronic catalog of my cowboy boots and my motorcycle boots. Thus began my quest to develop this website and teach myself how to write code that powers a website.

I first began by using my home Internet Service Provider's "free" web space. That service had an HTML code-writing tool, so all I had to do was upload some pictures, write some descriptions, and my site was going live. However, by mid 2005, I realized that the "free" service was slow, hard to use, and wrote cumbersome code. At the advice of founders Larry Kenney and his husband Bill, I bought the domain "" and began learning how to write my own code and upload everything onto my own site.

Over time, the following happened:

  • 2005: I took photos of all of the cowboy and motorcycle boots that I owned at the time and by April, had uploaded them onto rudimentary pages on my ISP's site.
  • 2005: By October, I purchased the domain and migrated this website onto its own domain and web host.
  • 2006: I added a new section on my leather gear.
  • 2006: I created my first set of motorcycle cop galleries. I migrated these galleries in 2011 to a new gallery hosting system (and again to another one in 2021), but the images remain the same.
  • 2006: I created and posted my first of my boot/biker videos.
  • 2007: I wrote a tutorial about boots and explanation of boot terminology for
  • 2008: I wrote a popular tutorial titled "Air Travel with Leather Gear."
  • 2008: I began writing BHD's Musings, my blog.
  • 2008: I got a much better digital camera.
  • 2009: I wrote and posted the most-visited page on this website -- How to Wear Boots.
  • 2015: I updated the navigation drop-down menu on this site's main pages to make them more mobile-friendly.
  • 2015: From May through August, I updated more than 600 pages on this website to make each one mobile-friendly. Tough to confirm since I refuse to have a wallet-sucking stupidphone, but necessary per changes to Google's new search algorithm.
  • 2015: In September, I added a Dress Boots section to this website, as I added some wingtip short dress boots to my boot collection.
  • 2016: This website did not see any major changes. The number of boots in my collection expanded by 31 new pairs, was reduced by 7 pairs that I sold or discarded, and I got into less leather and more ballistic nylon jackets in my motorcycle gear since a ballistic nylon jacket saved by hide (quite literally) when I endured my first on-road crash in 34 years of riding a motorcycle.
  • 2017: The number of boots in my collection expanded by 16 new pairs, I bought the first three pairs of dress shoes, and the boot collection was reduced by 11 pairs that I sold or discarded. I added a new large photo gallery to document my crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure in Utah. I also posted new videos on my YouTube Channel about that trip and another one when riding a motorcycle in Hawaii. I bought three pairs of dress shoes. Otherwise, work on this website was mostly for maintenance as well as to document additions and deletions to my boot and motorcycle gear collections.
  • 2018: The number of boots in my collection expanded by 16 pairs, dress shoe collection expanded by 13 pairs, and the boot collection was reduced by 9 pairs that I sold or discarded. I added a new photo gallery to document a one-day special trip to Denali National Park, Alaska. I got only two additional pieces of motorcycle gear. I also added another new dress shoe section. Otherwise, work on this website was mostly for maintenance as well as to document additions and deletions to my boot and motorcycle gear collections.
  • 2019: The number of boots in my collection expanded by 16 pairs, dress shoe collection expanded by 9 pairs, and the boot collection was reduced by 19 pairs that I sold or discarded. I added an entire new section that I call Retired Leather Gear showing gear that I no longer wear for various reasons, mostly because it no longer fits me. I added only two additional pieces of motorcycle gear.
  • 2020:
    • I added two photo galleries of travel that my husband and I did to Puerto Rico (42 pics in 2 albums) and Hawaii (113 pics in 4 albums) in early 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic put the kibosh on further travel.
    • Update (June, 2020): I converted this website and my companion blog to HTTPS:// protocol.
    • In doing so, I did a lot of back-end cleaning up of this website. I deleted 8 pages and 268 photos. But in this reorganization of the back-end of this website, while some images have been deleted, others were revealed, so I had a net increase of 582 images.
    • Update (July, 2020): I created a new domain and website to try to sell some gear and boots as I intend to downsize my collection. It didn't work and I took it down.
    • Update (December, 2020): I added 14 pairs of dress shoes to have now more that 3 dozen pairs of dress shoes in my footwear lineup. Dress shoes go great with leather--see photo here ==>
  • 2021:
    • I added several photo galleries of "Crazy-Awesome Motorcycle Adventure II" where a buddy and I rode Harleys in 4 states and 2 nations for two weeks in September.
    • I got into men's suits, and had four suits tailored to fit me. I wear them regularly, just because I like how they look. I have also added dress slacks, several new ties and dress shirts to my wardrobe as well this year.
    • 2021 saw my dress shoe collection expand greatly by adding 57 pairs of shoes to my dress shoe collection, making 93 pairs of shoes in total. I wear them with nice suits, jeans, leather; whatever. They feel great and those with leather soles can be heard when I walk in them. In particular, I find black dress shoes rather sexy, and walnut / cognac shoes go well with blue/navy suits. My fetishes change with the times, and suits & shoes are an additional interest along with the usual boots and leather that will always be part of my wardrobe.
    • The dress shoe fetish notwithstanding, I also bought and wore 20 new pairs of boots and sold or discarded 9 pairs.

This website remains an interesting hobby. I still am using it to keep track of the boots, footwear, and gear in my vast collections. I also use it to describe how motorcycle gear functions.

The website has morphed into an information anthology with guides, pictorial descriptions, and information about my boots and gear. As of December 2021, about 1500 unique visitors look at pages on this site each day, which is up from last year significantly since I migrated to SSL protocol (https://). Most visitors find this site via search engines. What was first developed as a personal boot inventory system has changed to a boot, shoe, and gear information resource, and I'm proud of that. This website remains, however, a personal hobby and was not developed to compete with any other site out there or derive advertising revenue.

I hope you enjoy your visits to my website.

Website Statistics
Year Footwear Active Inventory Pages on site Images Posted
2005 100 200  
2006 118 234  
2007 127 251  
2008 140 294 4,784
2009 153 382 6,154
2010 172 806 7,370
2011 193 670 8,062
2012 200 770 9,392
2013 206 797 9,611
2014 216 882 10,657
2015 229 957 11,823
2016 252 972 12,552
2017 Pairs boots: 262 / Pairs shoes: 3 1,044 13,706
2018 Pairs boots: 269 / Pairs shoes: 16 1,100 14,553
2019 Pairs boots: 275 / Pairs shoes: 25 1,088 13,398
2020 Pairs boots: 285 / Pairs shoes: 39 1,210 14,185
2021 Pairs boots: 283 / Pairs shoes: 93 unknown unknown

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