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Waterfall, Pond, and Patio

A photo journal from start to finish

We have a fully wooded back yard. To provide a relaxing environment, my spouse and I built an above-ground pond and waterfall, as well as a paver patio next to it. This site gives plenty of peace and tranquility at home.
My Chippewa Super Loggers were best for this rugged, sometimes muddy work. They did not get hot and kept my feet dry.


Clearing the location and laying the stones that will form the pond.

Placing the pond liner

Lots of rocks and gravel involved. Forming the patio base.

Delaware stone for placement on the bottom of the pond.

Natural Maryland quartz relocated from elsewhere in the yard to make the waterfall.
Stones on the bottom of the pond made the first fill of water cloudy.

Meet "Spitzer," our pond turtle.

Electrical complete, including power for recirculating pumps and accent lighting.

Despite 99°F temperatures, the adjoining brick paver patio well on the way to completion.

Paver patio completed! Now to plant a garden between the patio and pond.

Garden ready for planting using compost from the heap in the back.

Finished Work

By providing a source of water to compliment cover (for protection), a place to nurture young,
and a soure of food (already in our forest), we earned a "Certified Wildlife Habitat" designation.

Spouse and his mother enjoy the pond.

My dream realized: my spouse at peace in our tranquil forest.

A shallow layer of 2-inch white gravel adds to the surrounding aesthetics and prevents erosion.

We hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to our backyard sanctuary.

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