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El Dorado Hand Made Boots

From internet research, there once was a company that made boots under the brand name “El Dorado Hand Made Boots” that applied for and received a U.S. Trademark in 1982. The company was owned by a conglomerate, “United States Shoe Corporation.” U.S. Shoe Corp. made a number of different brands of cheap shoes since 1879. Due to poor decisions on acquisitions and a hostile takeover attempt, U.S. Shoe Corp. sold off its shoe brands in the early 1990s and eventually filed for bankruptcy in 1995.

The U.S. Trademark on “El Dorado Hand Made Boots” was allowed to lapse due to non-renewal. A renewal of Trademark protection is required every ten years.

In more interesting web-based history, the boot brand “El Dorado Hand Made Boots” was revived in 2001 by a small company in Portland, Oregon. This was probably a holding company that owned the rights to a brand, and profited from selling the brand name to McRae Industries of Mt. Gilead, NC – a major boot brand conglomerate (owners of retail boot brands such as Dan Post, Dingo, John Deere, and Laredo). Not sure when McRae acquired the El Dorado Boots brand, but I estimate it was around 2003 (date of when the domain was registered by McRae.)

Lines: McRae Industries / Dan Post Boot Company makes Laredo Boots, John Deere Boots, Dingo Boots, Dan Post Boots, Code West Boots, Eldorado Boots and McRae Industrial boots.

El Dorado Boots are made in Mexico according to visible Country of Origin Label (COOL) found in photos of the boots on eBay. The boots are made through a manufacturing agreement with Boot Barn. Boot Barn (which also owns Sheplers) sells these boots through its retail and on-line stores.

Styles of boots made: cowboy boots.

Value: It is the opinion of the author of this page that El Dorado Boots present a moderate to poor value for the price paid. It appears that the boots are not really “hand made” but “hand crafted” which is another way of saying that humans run the boots through machines to make them, rather than the boots being hand-formed and hand-stitched. The boots seem to be priced at higher prices compared with boots made with similar styles and skins due to lingering (false) perception of the value of the past brand. Boots made in Mexico are generally good. The value for what you get at full retail price may not be so good.

Availability: Boot Barn and its subsidiary, Sheplers, are the primary retailers.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in brick-and-mortar Boot Barn stores or on-line

Note: due to this legal claim on “El Dorado Boots expressly prohibits linking of the Site to or from any other Sites without prior written permission” – I have not posted a link to the company website. But you can figure it out.

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