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Corcoran 995
Jump Boots

Corcoran BootsThroughout the '80s and early '90s, I participated in a progressive advancement in amateur skydiving, winning several regional and one national championship. I did this for fun, learning to skydive on a fraternity dare during college. I do not have a military background, but learned among many former Rangers and other paratroopers who knew their craft and equipment.

Over the years, I have gone through dozens of pairs of Jump Boots and choose to wear more comfortable tactical boots when I go skydiving now. However, this pair of Corcoran 995 side-zip boots were sent to me as a gift to try them out.

These boots are all-leather and "spit-shinable" so they look like military dress. They are 10 inches high and have a side zipper, which makes them easier to pull on and take off without wasting time to lace them.

These boots are built on a Garrison last, meaning that they have a wide stance. The sole is smooth rubber, which is perfect for a jump boot so it won't get hung up when jumping out of a plane. Interesting note for 2019: label says, "built in the USA from global parts." Meaning: zippers, leather, snaps, laces, soles, ... all parts of this boot ... are sourced from outside the USA. They are assembled in the U.S., but the products used to make them come from the global economy at competitive (aka "cheap bid") prices. That is how the manufacturer, Cove Shoe Company, can keep prices down.

They day these boots arrived:

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