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Wesco Combat Boots

These boots were made by Wesco (West Coast Shoe Company of Scappoose, Oregon) especially for a boot store from which I used to buy a lot of boots. The boots are a customized style of Wesco Jobmasters, and have a traditional combat boot appearance. I had always admired these strong masculine appearance of these boots, but the price was higher than I was willing to spend. However, in October, 2009, the store put these boots on a special closeout sale, so I couldn't resist.

These boots are 12" tall, have 14 eyelets (6 lace-in and 8 speed lace hooks). They have a traditional Vibram 100 big lug sole. They look good with camo and leather, and work well as a motorcycle boot. They're a tough boot!

Leather BDUs Leather BDUs Leather BDUs

I ordered red paracord and made laces for these boots in January, 2010. They look cool (to me). And no, for those who may wonder, red laces don't mean anything other than it is a fashion choice (ref: Bootdog's website. Bootdog shined my boots at IML2007, and is a really nice guy -- and knows his boots!)

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